My Philosophy

First and Foremost, I Love Teaching Drums!

I love sharing my musical knowledge with anyone who will listen and I believe that having fun is essential to learning. If students are interested in what you are teaching them, they will focus and the learning will be greater.

So many young people today start off learning to play an instrument only to give it up within a year or two. I have set a challenge to myself to inspire my students and to get them excited about music and playing the drums. I encourage them to want to practice and to look forward to learning more skills.

I generally start each lesson off on the practice pads playing several warm-up exercises and moving quickly to note reading and rudiments. Students will be given take home lessons that they will be encouraged to practice at home on a practice pad. There is no need to purchase a drum set right away! Stick control and technique are the foundation of drumming and both skills can be learned on a practice pad.

The majority of the lesson is spent with the student and myself each sitting behind our respective drum sets working out the three and four way coordination necessary to perform the different drumming grooves. I find 2 drum sets to be very helpful in learning how to play the drums. Most people learn better by watching and hearing then mimicking.

My teaching goals are not only to introduce my students to playing the drums but to get them excited about the music they are playing, empowered by their expression behind the drum kit and hopefully start on a life-long path of making music.

I promise to provide a well-rounded and fun approach to playing the drums!