Subjects Taught

I customize all of my lessons based on the student's individual level and needs. I am patient and understanding and take things at the students own pace, helping them with the hard stuff as well as challenging them as they get better. My lessons are great for children who have never played because they will not be overwhelmed with technical information (unless they want to be) rather they will have fun playing along with great music. Once students demonstrate the ability "to carry a tune" I focus the lesson on Note Reading and more sophisticated rhythms. Students will also learn the Essential drum Rudiments which are the foundation of all drumming.

I have put together my own curriculum that is based on exercises found in three of the all-time best selling drum books.

Students will be encouraged to read music. However, many of my students are very successful at playing by ear and mimicking the drum grooves. I have recorded these grooves and will provide them on CDs which students will be assigned to take home and play-a-long with.

These popular music styles include:
Rock / Blues / Shuffles / Surf / Punk / R&B / Reggae / Country / Disco / Hip-Hop

And for the more advances students:
Funk / New Orleans / Jazz / Latin Beats

I have summarized these music genres on a poster board with 53 drumming grooves. This was designed for my advanced students and the ability to play all of these grooves should be the ultimate goal for every serious drummer.
53 Grooves Every Serious Drummer Should Know